Unleash Your Inner Warrior at Wech Pinyo: Embrace the Traditions of Muay Thai

"Wech Pinyo" is a Thai boxing gym in Lamai, Koh Samui

We are the original and authentic Muay Thai training camp on Lamai Beach, Koh Samui island. Our Muay Thai boxing gym is operated by Thai owner "Wech," the master of the combative sport. We welcome all ages, all nationalities, and all levels to share Thailand's most famous art and sport.

Group Muay Thai Training classes

Monday - Saturday:

8 AM - 10 AM (Morning Training)

4 PM - 7 PM (Afternoon Training)

We offer group Muay Thai training classes (mornings and afternoons) for all levels. Whether you are traveling to Koh Samui for vacation and want to train Thai boxing for health & fitness or if you're going to become a world-class fighter - we have all of the resources for you!

Train the best Muay Thai technique like a world champion and transform your body with running, skipping, strength & cardio exercises, heavy bag, and pad work drills.

Private Muay Thai Training Sessions

Want to reach your Muay Thai training or Health goals faster? Train in one-on-one sessions with a world-champion trainer!

You can schedule a (1 hour) private session with one of our trainers and get results fast! Learn basic Muay Thai techniques, hit pads, and train like a champion

Yoga Classes

Monday, Wednesday, Friday:

14:30 - 15:45

Join our yoga classes with experienced instructor Mike Cooper! Classes are suitable for all levels and integrate the precision of Iyengar yoga with the gentleness of styles such as Sivananda. Improve your physical fitness by developing flexibility, strength, and balance, relieving stress, calming the mind, and finding inner peace through yoga. Overcome the effects of intense workouts with the therapeutic impact of yoga.

Iron Muscles and Unyielding CrossFit: Workouts for Muay Thai

Our diverse workouts improve physical conditioning and develop the necessary skills for this martial art. Our weightlifting sessions focus on strength, endurance, and functional fitness, utilizing various equipment. Crossfit training combines cardio, strength exercises, and functional movements to enhance endurance, flexibility, coordination, and balance for Muay Thai. Join us to elevate your physical fitness, strength, and skills in Muay Thai through our weightlifting and crossfit programs!

Wech Pinyo Team

We have world-class trainers who are active professional fighters with over 150+ combat fights to give you the best Muay Thai training on the island. Train with us and feel the difference!

  • Mastrer Wech
    Muay Thai Coach & Owner
    260 combats
    Champion De Lumpinee 77
    Numero 2 Du Rajadamnern
    De 77 A 79

  • Mrs. Thanyphon
    But everyone simply calls her "Mami." The wife of Master Wech and responsible for creating the unique atmosphere of our family gym.
  • Theerapong
    Muay Thai Coach & Fighter
    225 combats
    Score points Ramon Dekkers
    Win Star Bogie Points
    Charoenthong Banchong
    Won by Super Lek Sor Isan

  • Pakin
    Muay Thai Coach & Fighter
    210 combats
    Champion South
    Champion 5 province South

Price List

CrossFit training is included in the cost of admission, and if needed, you can use our gloves and leg protection.

morning or evening class

Single Session

300 Bth

all included

Full Day

500 Bth

1 class per day /2 classes per day

One week
1500 / 2500 Bth

1 class per day /2 classes per day

Two weeks
3000 / 4500 Bth
1 class per day /2 classes per day
Three weeks
3800 / 5800 Bth
1 class per day /2 classes per day
One month
6000 / 7500 Bth
1 session/10 sessions
Private training
1000 / 9000 Bth
2 / 3 people
Family Training
1300 / 1500 Bth
  • Wech Pinyo is among the top five Muay Thai gyms on Samu

    Wech Pinyo is among the Top 5 Muay Thai gyms on Samui according to CleverThai.com

Are you ready?
For the training experience of your life!
Are you ready?
For the training experience of your life!


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