The Heart of a Warrior: Wech's Muay Thai story

The amazing life story of Master Wech, as recorded by his student.
Wech was born in June 1964, into a poor family in the town of Tran near Krabi. His childhood was spent in difficult conditions, and from a very young age, he helped his parents on the farm while attending the local school.

One day, when he was just 10 years old, Wech passed by a Muay Thai gym called "Lila Thai." The son of the gym's owner, recognizing his potential, suggested that Wech try his hand at this martial art. Wech had never trained in Muay Thai before, and his first attempt ended in failure. The gym owner's son proved to be stronger and defeated the young boy.

Some time later, when Wech was living near the local stadium where Muay Thai fights were held, an unusual situation occurred. One of the fighters refused to fight at the last moment, and a replacement of the same weight and age was urgently needed. Wech happened to witness this situation, and he was offered to participate in the fight. Due to financial difficulties, he agreed, even though he had no experience or training in Muay Thai.

His opponent was a fighter named Prai Ton. The fight was tough for Wech, and he was battered, but he endured until the end of the match. He lost by judges' decision. Wech couldn't walk for a week after that fight, but the money he received for participating was essential to him.
Following this victory, Wech began regular training. He worked hard on improving his skills and physical fitness. Over the course of 23 consecutive fights, he remained undefeated and became a respected fighter in his region.

When he turned 18, Wech decided to test his abilities in Bangkok, the capital of Muay Thai. There, he faced a champion named Lem Kom, and although he suffered a loss by points, it was a valuable experience for his future career.

Wech returned to his hometown of Tran and began intensive training at the "Sukit Lila Thai" gym. He spent more than 17 years there, deepening his knowledge and skills. Along the way, he won the Bangkok Championship in Isan style and later moved to Bangkok itself, where he achieved a magnificent victory at Lumpini Stadium by knocking out a superstar named Pansak in the fifth round. This fight brought him worldwide recognition and the status of one of the best Muay Thai fighters.

During his two-year stay in the capital, he continued to participate in fights, achieving numerous victories and gaining experience.

Master Pansak about Master Wech
Master Pansak reminisces about their encounter with Master Wech.

His matches with the Bangkok champion and leader in his weight category became particularly important. They faced each other in the ring a total of five times, and the battles were incredibly intense. In the end, the score favored the champion with 3 wins against Wech's 2. Despite the losses, these fights brought him even more respect and recognition in the world of Muay Thai.
However, despite his fame and success in the ring, money was still scarce. Wech didn't forget about his family in his hometown of Tran and continued to provide them with financial support. In his last fight, he fought with the same passion, but when he wasn't paid the money he had rightfully earned, he realized it was time to return to Tran and continue his life there.

A New chapter in life

Wech on a boat
Can you find Wech in the photo?
After returning to his hometown of Tran, Master Wech began a new chapter in his life. He worked as a fisherman to make a modest living but continued to train in Muay Thai, even though he no longer competed. Muay Thai remained an integral part of his life and his way of life.

In Tran, Wech started a new venture - shrimp farming and sales. His business began to thrive, and over time, he became a successful entrepreneur in his region.

However, as is often the case in life, happiness was short-lived. One fateful day, an epidemic struck his shrimp farm, wiping out all of his shrimp. It was a devastating blow to Wech, both financially and emotionally. His business went bankrupt, and he was left with nothing.

New Beginning: Pinyo Muya Thai Gym

The First Gym - Pinyo Muya Thai
The First Gym - Pinyo Muya Thai
Despite this challenging period in his life, Master Wech did not give up. He carefully reflected on his past experiences and realized that it was important not only to survive but also to keep moving forward. This unfortunate episode strengthened his spirit and resolve, and he decided to return to Muay Thai to once again find his calling and purpose in life.

After enduring difficult trials in his life, Wech found temporary employment as a bodyguard for an important individual. He worked in this role for six months, ensuring his employer's safety. However, deep inside, the idea of creating his own business in the field of Thai boxing burned within him.
During a vacation, Wech traveled to the island of Samui to visit his sister. The place and its atmosphere completely captivated him. In Samui, he found not only tranquility but also the potential to pursue his dream. He envisioned establishing a Thai boxing gym on the island where local residents and tourists could engage in this incredible martial art.

Upon returning from his vacation, Wech made the difficult decision to leave his job as a bodyguard and embark on a new phase of his life. He decided to make his dream come true and began planning the creation of his own Thai boxing gym in Samui. It was a challenge, but his passion and determination, accumulated over the years, enabled him to overcome all obstacles and move towards a new beginning.

Master Wech arrived on Samui with his family and started selling barbecue on the streets to accumulate the necessary capital for realizing his dream - opening his own Thai boxing gym, Pinyo Muay Thai. He continued to grapple with financial difficulties and borrowed part of the funds to make this project a reality.
The Pinyo Muya Thai Gym Gains Popularity
The first few months were challenging. Wech worked alone and didn't speak English. He trained only one client who, in turn, helped him learn English. Nevertheless, thanks to their efforts and determination, other people noticed their training sessions and became interested. Wech kept both training and fighting while diligently developing his gym.

After six months of successful work, Master Wech decided to expand his business. He hired another trainer to assist with the sessions, and the business started to grow. Pinyo Muay Thai became a popular place for Muay Thai training among both locals and tourists. This project not only brought financial success to Wech but also allowed him to share his experience and passion for Muay Thai with others.

After 6-7 successful years of running his Thai boxing gym, Pinyo Muay Thai, Master Wech became widely known not only as a fighter but also as an excellent coach. His experience and passion for Muay Thai attracted numerous students, and he not only helped them improve their skills but also instilled in them the spirit and guidance he had gained on his own life journey.

However, adversity struck when the landowners of the property where his gym was located decided not to renew the lease. This was a heavy blow to Pinyo Muay Thai because relocating and establishing a new gym required significant financial investment. Nevertheless, his reputation was such that he was invited to work as a coach at a gym in Bahrain.
For two years, he worked as a trainer in Bahrain, earning money towards his dream of opening a new Thai boxing gym. This period was challenging, but Wech was persistent and determined, and he continued to move towards his goal.
For two years, he worked as a trainer in Bahrain, earning money towards his dream of opening a new Thai boxing gym. This period was challenging, but Wech was persistent and determined, and he continued to move towards his goal.

A New Place and a New Name

building a new gym
The Process of Building the Gym in a New Location
Upon returning from Bahrain, Wech was able to fulfill his dream by opening a gym named Wech Pinyo Muya Thai. This gym became a place where he could not only develop Muay Thai but also share his knowledge and passion with others.
In a short time, the business began to flourish, and the gym became not only a place for training but also a social hub for many people.

During this period, Wech met his future wife, Mrs. Thanyphon, whom many students lovingly referred to as "Mama." Her support and care for the students made her an integral part of the gym.

They managed to build not only a training facility but also living quarters, provide motorbikes, and sell merchandise. Over the ten years spent in this gym, Wech Pinyo Muya Thai had six trainers and ten students who not only trained but also lived at the gym and competed for it. Master Wech continued to train and compete himself, occasionally holding seminars and training sessions in various parts of the world, spreading the culture of Muay Thai.
However, challenging times arrived. The COVID-19 pandemic significantly reduced the flow of customers, and the rent became too high. As a result, a difficult decision had to be made to sell the gym and look for a new affordable place to live and establish a smaller Muay Thai gym. It was a new chapter in the life of Wech Pinyo Muya Thai, and he was ready to embrace this challenge with the same passion and determination as before.

Wech Pinyo Muya Thai in Lamai

Through the joint efforts of Master Wech and Mrs. Thanyphon, they found a new place and began to adapt to it. Some of the young fighters and trainers decided to move with them to continue practicing Muay Thai and support their mentor. In the new, smaller gym, they offered training to their regular clients, mainly local residents of Samui. Despite all the difficulties, Mrs. Thanyphon sold spring rolls at the local market to support the family budget.
      The time during the COVID-19 pandemic was challenging, but thanks to their perseverance and the support of the local community, they managed to weather it. After the crisis ended and borders reopened, people started returning to Samui, and Wech Pinyo Muya Thai gym was once again filled with customers.

      Epilogue: Wech Pinyo Muya Thai's Legacy

       Renovation Wech Pinyo Muay Thai Gym
      New major Wech Pinyo Gym Renovation

      Currently, Master Wech has undertaken a major construction project to provide his students with new training opportunities and make the gym more comfortable. He also plans to offer students the opportunity to live on the gym premises and train there, creating a more comprehensive and inspiring environment for Muay Thai enthusiasts. Wech's dream of promoting Muay Thai and passing on his passion and knowledge continues to come true, and he is ready to lead his gym to new heights.

      Master Wech has become a true celebrity in the world of sports and among the boxing community. His impressive experience in martial arts, including over 260 fights, as well as titles such as Champion De Lumpinee and Numero 2 Du Rajadamnern from 1977 to 1979, have made him a respected figure in Muay Thai.
      Master Wech conducts seminars and masterclasses in various parts of the world, including France, Australia, Bahrain, China, Switzerland, and other countries. His students, who have gained valuable knowledge and skills from the master, achieve impressive results in prestigious Thai and world championships, winning prizes and titles.

      Moreover, graduates of Wech Pinyo Muya Thai have chosen to follow in his footsteps and continue his legacy. They have opened three Muay Thai gyms on Samui, helping to spread the culture of Muay Thai on the island and giving more people the opportunity to engage in this fascinating martial art.

      Master Wech continues to inspire generations of fighters and share his passion and knowledge in the world of Muay Thai, and his legacy will endure long and strong in this unique art form.
      Master Wech is a true warrior of spirit and passion. Despite his mature age, which for many might be considered a time of rest, he not only oversees every training session and supports his students but also prepares to return to the ring. His passion for Muay Thai and his pursuit of excellence are unrelenting, and he is ready to face the challenges that the future may hold for him.

      Master Wech considers himself a fortunate person because he is engaged in something he truly loves. His optimism and confidence in the future inspire both his students and anyone who has the privilege of getting to know him. Even the difficulties he encountered on his life journey cannot break this warrior with a burning heart and battle-hardened experience.

      Now his primary mission is to shape a new generation of warriors who will carry on his legacy and continue to share the culture of Muay Thai with the world. Wech is a shining example of a true master and an inspiration for all those striving for outstanding achievements in sports and in life.
      Thank you to everyone who has read the inspiring life story of Master Wech. Your interest and support are greatly appreciated.
      Thank you to everyone who has read the inspiring life story of Master Wech. Your interest and support are greatly appreciated.
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